Nerd Poker

There are three downsides of reading:

  1. It’s a solitary activity
  2. Someone else has already made up the story
  3. You can get headaches if your glasses prescription is too old

What if I told you that there’s something like reading fiction, but without all the problems?

Enter: Dungeons & Dragons.

I’ve been astounded to learn just how little most of my friends know about D&D. While that has perhaps boosted my geek cred, there are so many people who would probably love D&D if they even knew what it was.

In D&D, you and your fellow players create characters that can do anything you can — and often way more. You’re making up a story in your collective imagination.

But you can’t quite do whatever you feel like. The rules provide creative limitation, and your Dungeon Master gives you setbacks that keep life interesting.

D&D was my primary occupation over the winter holidays. I played with three distinct but overlapping groups, each time playing a different character.


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